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In this section, you can find out more about the logistical side of
our time together, what you can expect from your session in terms of
practicalities, and what I ask of you. I request that you read what
follows thoroughly before making a booking with me.

Our time together is precious to me, and I hold the slot you have
booked with me sacrosanct. As such, my doors are open to you 10
minutes before your booked appointment
, in order to allow you time to shower, and to give us a moment to check in before your ritual begins.The fresher and more relaxed you are when we start, the quicker we can drop into intimacy and relaxation together, so please do allow for
those extra 10 minutes - but resist the temptation to arrive any
earlier, as I’m unlikely to be able to receive you.

If you’re running late, just let me know by text message; I can’t
guarantee that I will still be able to accommodate your session, but I
will do what I can to be flexible for you. Please note that if you’re
more than 15 minutes late, and I haven’t heard from you, your
appointment will automatically be cancelled. If you have booked a
session that you do not turn up for without letting me know, you will
not be able to make another booking with me - but as long as we’re in
communication, we can always reschedule our rendezvous for a later

So that we can set business aside and focus on pleasure as quickly as
possible, I ask that you make payment as soon as you arrive, in cash
and up front. Please be aware I cannot take any other form of payment.

Upon arrival, I will provide you with fresh towels and a sarong, and
direct you to the shower. Once you’re feeling freshened up and ready
to go, we’ll reconvene over tea and talk about your session briefly
before we begin. For your convenience, all the products

I use, from toiletries to massage oils, are unscented and organic.

Communication, mutual respect, and presence are the keys to our
. I will always be clear with you about how I do, and do
not, like to be treated and touched, and I welcome the same
information from you. If you find yourself longing for something we
haven’t negotiated, I encourage you to talk to me about it, rather
than attempt to cross a boundary we’ve already agreed upon.
Communication allows us to co-create a beautiful session. Crossed
boundaries will cause your session to be terminated without a refund -
as will arriving in an altered state from alcohol or drugs. The more
present and open you’re able to be with me, the deeper our time
together can go.

Please note that your ritual will be a carefully crafted balance of
the intimate and the therapeutic.

Gifts are welcome - particularly ones of the environmentally conscious
I enjoy soy candles, organic massage oils, and edible treats
that are gluten free and organic.

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