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Sensational Play

Goddess Worship

Devote yourself to the desires of the Goddess. Immerse yourself in
this intimate session, and learn how to please, pleasure, and, above
all, honour the Goddess in every woman. This session offers a unique
opportunity to develop the clear communication and deep listening
skills required to get to the heart of what a woman desires, and to
practice the sensual massage and erotic touch to fulfil those desires
and more. Explore the landscape of the female body, map the erogenous
zones, and lose yourself in the generous curves of your gorgeous
guide. Alternately, if you’ve been longing to serve at the feet of a
magnanimous mistress, this session can provide a delicious and
decadent bridge between fantasy and reality.

Ideally suited to gentlemen committed to their partner’s pleasure, and
ready to learn how to take her there.

You and I will negotiate your session beforehand, and, at my
discretion, it can include:

Foot Worship - Body Worship - Yoni Worship - Mistress Pleasuring -
Tantric Massage Training - Erotic Touch Coaching - Verbal Discipline

Sacred Submission

Submit your body and soul to the intoxication of intense sensation. I
take pride in creating a safe, supportive (and where necessary,
stern!) environment in these sensational sessions, inviting you to
share your darkest fantasies, step into your submissive self, and
surrender to an exquisite array of sensations. Playful and permissive,
weaving teasing with arousal and pleasure with pain, I enjoy enticing
you on a journey past your inhibitions and into liberated, embodied
ecstasy. Under my expert hands you can explore your erotic edges, take
risks, and gain new confidence in expressing and experiencing your

You and I will negotiate your session beforehand, and, at my
discretion, it can include:

Anal Play (possibilities include pegging, prostate play, fisting, and
toys) - Breath Play (controlled with hands or breasts) - Cock and Ball
Torture - Impact Play/Punishment (possibilities include cane, belt,
paddle, whip, flogger, ruler, hairbrush, spanking) - Domination and
Discipline - Face Sitting - Foot Fetish (possibilities include bare
feet, tights, nylon, select footwear) - Financial Domination - Nipple
Play/Torture - Orgasm Control or Denial - Post-Orgasmic torture -
Prostate Play (possibilities include massage, milking, and toys) -
Restraint - Sensory Deprivation (possibilities include blindfolding &
gagging) - Strap-on Training (oral and/or anal) - Wax Play

Other forms of play may be negotiable - but be advised that Edra is
not available for humiliation play, or anything involving urine,
feces, or blood

Intuitive Ecstasy

Lose yourself in the pleasure potential of the present moment. Join me
in deepening the connection between us, and exploring the desires that
arise therein. Beginning in the intimate space of heart-to-heart
tantric breathing, I’ll coax your desires lovingly into the open.
Then, drawing upon my wide range of sensual and saucy skills, I’ll
weave an experience just for you, one that is as unique as it is
intoxicating. As we follow the flow between us, this session may teach
you fresh skills, entice you into new sensations, reveal hitherto
unexpressed desires, lead into a delicious bespoke erotic massage, or
simply allow you to sink into a deep state of connected bliss in my
arms. Surrender your expectations, and embark on an erotic adventure
where anything is possible.

Your sessions will likely include:

Tantric breathing - Conversation and Negotiation - Holistic and Sensual Massage

It may also include any of the wealth of possibilities listed under
other sessions, or something altogether new!

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